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Renovation of the Main Track at Turf Paradise
Tony Martinez, Track Superintendent at Gulfstream Park and crew. Jon Hubbs, Turf’s turf course consultant, is overseeing the project.
Equipment: From Empire Company - Laser Guided Blade (Grader); tractors, harrows and water trucks supplied by Turf Paradise.
Scope: Renovation of the one mile dirt oval, the 6 furlong and 1 chutes.
Time: 5-7 days minimum. Starting Tuesday, September 7.

Description of Work: Phase 1: Over time too much cushion has accumulated under the rail. The distance between the top of the rail and the top of the cushion must be between 38” and 42” to maintain safety for horses and riders.
So Phase 1 is to peel the cushion back from the rail until reaching the base. The base, which is composed of crushed limestone, is examined for any wear and tear along the rail. None is anticipated. If there is damage, repair is made before continuing to Phase 2.

Phase 2: The rest of the cushion is peeled back from the track and wind-rowed along the outside rail. The entire base is examined for wear and tear before proceeding to Phase 3.

Phase 3: The entire track, now at its base, is lasered with the front and back straight-a-ways to be at 3% and the two turns to be at 5 % grade. The lasering device is housed in the blade (the cabin) so that all times on the track, the operator is aware of the grade of the track.

*Before Phase 4 takes place, the soil and sand is analyzed for balance. The silt and clay content should be between 10%-15%. The sand content should be at between 85%-90%. During the winter months, the silt and clay have a tendency hold moisture and to ball up due to the colder temperatures. If the silt and clay content go above 15%, then #10 mesh sand is added to help break up the clay and silt clods and restore balance to the soil. Soil analysis is done by Mr. Hubbs, who does this procedure twice a month during the race meet to insure the ratio of silt/clay to sand is in proper balance.

Phase 4: The cushion is brought back over the base of the track. The cushion must be at a minimum of 6 inches, maximum of 9 inches all across the track. The track is graded and harrowed.

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